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Where passion leads...


I was born in Dar es Salaam (Arabic translation: 'haven/ home of peace') to Ghanaian parents and grew up in Tanzania, Swaziland, Zimbabwe, and Nigeria. After furthering my education in France and England, I pursued a  career in Reproductive Health and International Development.


Over ten years later I took an impulsive leap and followed my heart into the next chapter of my life. Yes, I surprised myself but strangely, no one else.


I needed an artistic and more colourful way to express myself. I wanted to see more African inspired interior design in Africa and beyond. With the Continent's socio-economic concerns in my blood, I desired to see Africa's immense creativity and handmade crafts gain recognition, go mainstream and play a larger role in sustainable family livelihoods and global markets.


In 2012, I had an open-house sale on my back terrace with small furnishings I had collected from Kenya, Senegal, Mali, Madagascar and Ethiopia and invited the target audience. They not only liked what I liked, they bought it and the concept of DAAR Living was born! By 2013, I had given up the day job.


DAAR living is an interior styling firm, diversely African, layered and interwoven, antique and contemporary, with European and Arabic influences. We are dedicated to promoting our rich culture and colour, artists and artisans, through interior design.


DAAR Living: "For the African of the world and the world in love with Africa..."



Senanu Arkutu

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